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Marshmallow Candy Cones 2 Yum Yum

Marshmallow Candy Cones 2 Yum Yum

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Yum Yum... Marpo Marshmallow Candy Ice Cream Cones. There are 2 marshmallow cones per pack. There are 24 packs per box. “This candy changes with the weather. In cold, dry weather it will be quite crisp or chewy. In warm weather it will be soft. However, crisp, chewy or soft, this candy is fresh and tasty!” Occasionally, we get questions from customers about the texture of their candy. The weather and humidity definitely affect Marshmallow Cones. They usually start hard and dry, because we dry the candy in a hot room so they will not stick to the packing line as they are being wrapped. After the Marshmallow Cones are packed, they reach equilibrium with their environment and they soften.

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