Collection: Mimi's Mountain Mixes

MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES was conceived by 53 year old, unemployed and single grandma, “Mimi” Lin Johnson during the Great Recession. Ever the “Eternal Optimist”, Mimi was moved by a spirit that told her these life changing circumstances could be a blessing to her and many others and she decided to re-invent herself. So, she rolled up her sleeves and decided a “do-over” was in her future.

Borrowing her church kitchen, Mimi Lin worked countless hours employing a love of cooking (instilled by spending hours with her Grandma Ruth) and experimented with recipes to keep her mixes vegan and without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Mimi attended four farmer’s markets each week with her delicious baked good and eventually added mixes so that her customers could take them home and enjoy baking together. Mimi says, “It’s Home Cookin’ Made Simple: Pour + Stir + Bake = Yummy”. Mimi and her mixes became an instant hit with many repeat customers seeking her out week after week. MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES became a lifeline for Lin and catapulted her forward with a promise to help others whose lives and dreams are disadvantaged or threatened. 

Today, a portion of every sale is donated to women’s shelters. In fact, over the years, MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES has provided internships for some of these amazing women who have desired to learn a new trade. But we can’t do it without you. Not only are we grateful for your purchase, we are grateful for each of YOU!

Look for MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES at fine food and specialty stores near you (and if you don’t see them, tell them to call Mimi). MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES are now sold throughout the continental USA, Canada and Germany! If you’re busy (Mimi is too) you’ll want to keep Mimi’s Mountain Mixes in your pantry to enjoy will all your treasured family and friends.